At Prairie Global Management we offer a broad spectrum of agribusiness services. Our depth of knowledge about Canada’s agriculture sector and our international and local expertise allows us to be a valued part of our international and local clients’ business teams. When our clients require advertising and marketing expertise, we work with SWJ Strategic Marketing & Advertising, an agency that specializes in agriculture.

Our clients include federal and provincial government, organizations and companies requiring responsive and intuitive expertise in market assessment and planning, benchmarking, rural development and more.

Our independent advisory services aid decision making, provide technical support, and access marketing opportunities. We are masters at feasibility studies, needs analysis and gap assessment, market assessment and analysis, project and partnership development, as well as working with multiple stakeholders, boards and political leaders.

We’ve scoped out, initiated, organized and facilitated a variety of forums, meetings and events from small local groups to major international conferences.

Examples of Prairie Global services:

  • Developed the communications plan and presentation materials for Manitoba Agriculture Minister’s India Mission; accompanied Minister on mission and developed a communications strategy for dissemination of mission findings to Manitoba-based businesses
  • Conducted benchmark studies for Agriculture and Agri–Food Canada mustard seed and pulse crops with numerous infield investigations of international markets including Bangladesh, Spain, France, Germany, UK and Belgium
  • Participated in Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry – India Rural Business Summit: Building Rural Entrepreneurs. Invited as a summit guest to provide rural farmers and artisans with feedback on their products and market strategies
  • Managed a 65 acre sustainable vegetable farm responsible for the sourcing and purchase of organic seeds for over 20 different crops and the marketing of products and services provided by the farm including agri–tourism activities
  • Compiled national inventory of resources, research and activity, focused on mental health, stress and farm life
  • Researched and wrote an Agricultural Awareness and Education Strategy for the Province of Manitoba
  • Undertook a situation analysis of Canada’s Agricultural Health and Safety Policies from international, national and provincial perspectives
  • Reviewed US environmental legislation to determine possible future trends in Canada
  • Chaired a national conference for the Agricultural Institute of Canada
  • Project managed a Manitoba government work internship pilot for immigrants
  • Developed conferences for the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance including speaker panel, roundtable discussions and trade show